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ZMA - Recommendations

Lets talk ZMA… All dosing information seems blanket (take 3 before bed).
I doubt a 250lb man has the same needs as a 150lb man.
Does anyone have a more accurate recommendation for ZMA based on body weight ?

Next - ZMA instructions recommend not to take with calcium. Most protein powers have some calcium in them. So your pre-bed shake may be effecting your ZMA dosage.
What exactly does calcium do to the ZMA ?

Thanks in advance for any ideas here.

I’m not sure if the dosage of ZMA is applicable to all bodyweights. I think that the ratio of zinc to magnesium is the only important factor, so someone heavier should be able to get away with taking more, but don’t quote me on that…lol. also, one of the reasons that you shouldn’t take it with calcium is that is interferes with absorption because they compete for the same receptor sites.

From wat i recall, the study was based on highly trained elite athletes from all sports… 3caps is good enough. Some calcium is okay too, just don’t go throwing in a multi-vit with it. I’m 220 lbs and I’ve had no issues with the 3 caps… To me, if its good enough for Elite athletes then its good enough for a recreational one like myself. Also, I like the deep sleep that its been giving me. 4 hours sleep feels like 8 hours. I’m sure that others will have a different opinion on the subject. If you get a better sleep and don’t feel too sore after hard workouts then the stuff is doing its job. BeaR

Take it on an empty stomache between dinner and before bed protein shake to avoid the calcium issue.
I just ran out of ZMA and now realise why I was sleeping so well for the last month. I can’t afford more right now either.

The ZMA only takes 10 minutes to get absorbed into your system. So taking a protein shake 15 minutes after ZMA is not going to interfere with its absobtion.
As for the weight, im not certain thats the real issue. Someone who is 150lbs might not be Zinc deficient, rendering any amount pretty useless.

when i took it last i was over 260 and had no problems with the dosage…worked great.

now i’m less than that LOL , thank goodness :slight_smile: