ZMA Questions

From searching around the forums, it seems that everyone agrees on the “sleep benefits” of ZMA. But what about those “other” supposed benefits? I’m not finding too much on that issue… (except for lots of doubt about their validity…) Are those other benefits, for the most part, nonexistant?

Also, does ZMA need to be cycled (does it lose its effectiveness)? Or can it be taken continously? (ie years, etc…)


The bottom line is this …

If you are deficient in these minerals then yes, supplementing with ZMA will have a positive effect on your T levels. However, if you’re not deficient in these minerals, than no, you most likely won’t experience a positive effect on T levels.

I believe for the most part, the major benefit most experience with a supplement like this is better sleep.


Let me explain it like this:

We all know the benefits of supplementing our diets with good fats (EPA, DHA) mostly in the form of fish caps, but will doing so pack on ten pounds of mass in two weeks? Even after several months of good gains can you attribute your gains during that time to fish caps? No. But it’s still a good thing to do.

ZMA is good thing to add to your supp list. You won’t be able to attribute anything to it, wont actually FEEL or SEE the benefits of a zinc/magn supp, multivitamin, or similar supp but if you have the money its a good investment and in zma’s case you do at least have the immediate benefit of a good nights sleep.


buy protein and Surge first, then buy supps with more pronounced and seeable results (mag10, hotrox), then if you have something left pick up the M, zma, etc.

No need to cycle.

To add to this thread.

Aside fromthe added sleep benefits that were minimal in my case I did notice one other benefit to supplementing ZMA.

I ran out a few months back and didnt make it right away to get more. Within a few days of running out I started experiencing some cramping that I didnt have while taking ZMA. The cramping then went away after I started taking it again.

Just fig’d I would add that.