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ZMA Questions


I don't have a sleeping problem, but I took some ZMA to see if I would sleep more deeply.

The ZMA definitely made me relaxed and sleepy at first, and I did fall asleep fairly easily - but I woke up shortly thereafter and could not fall back asleep for what seemed like hours. I was tossing and turning for most of the night, and as a result I feel like shit today. I did a little research, and I saw that ZMA can have this effect on some people. Instead of a deep sleep, you get the opposite.

So, I was wondering, why does ZMA cause some people to sleep deeply, but others it makes restless (and what does it say about me and my diet?). Also, is there a chance I have to adjust to it? If I keep taking it, will I see benefits? Or should I just stop? Thanks for any advice.


When do you take it?

I had a similar experience when taking ZMA immediately before bed, but found that it helped my sleep when I took it earlier in the day.


I can't answer your question about why you have this reaction to ZMA, but my own experience taking ZMA it puts me to sleep and I stay asleep, however I do seem to wake up much earlier but it's been ok because I feel rested and like I had enough sleep.


i only notice the freaky ass dreams. i get up early on my own, usually feeling refreshed anyways, but i have noticed that the day doesn't seem to drag balls as bad with ZMA.


Perhaps ZMA only helps you get to sleep and sleep deep if you are deficient in zinc/mag...just a thought.


Could be you are not lacking the needs for the ZMA, reduce the dose to 1 capsule and see how you sleep. Up it to 2 if the 1 caps doesn't affect you sleep. If two is too much, just use 1 capsule per night.


Thanks for the suggestions. I had tried taking 2 capsules about 60 minutes before bed. I'll try just one tonight, and see how that works. I'll let you know.




In case anyone cares for an update, I took one pill last night, and had the same restless sleep. It's weird. I can't seem to find any agreement on what causes this. I don't know if it would matter, but I already have very vivid dreams on a regular basis... perhaps some brain chemical is being overly produced when I take ZMA right before bed. Anyway, I'll try taking it earlier in the day, and see what happens.


I had mixed results when taking ZMA. Some nights I would experience deep sleep, some nights I would have vivid dreams, other nights I would wake up every few hours to piss, other nights I would experience the falling asleep for an hour then wake up and toss and turn. The way I just described it was how it happened sequentially. First a. then b. then c. then d. then I stop taking it.

I've since ceased taking ZMA and haven't had any trouble sleeping and actually feel better NOT taking it.

I might take it again in a month just to see if it was a fluke or not.


Try taking just Magnesium on it's own then, as you don't need Zinc late at night.

Get one ending in -ate so gluconate, malate, orotate and citrate.

Start at 200mg (should be 1 tablet) about 2 hrs before bed, if no effect go to 400mg.

If still no effect then have 400mg 2-3 hrs before bed, and another 200/400mg 1 hour before bed.

Don't go over 1600/2000 or you will experience explosive diarrhea, not something you want.

If you require Zinc have it with your 1st 2 meals in the Morning.


I take melatonin and magnesium along with some B5, no zinc.

I have the craziest fucked up dreams, but other than that works great.


Just watch the melatonin usage, it's HIGHLY addictive.


Im trying to decide whether or not your being sarcastic or not...

If so, hilarious, if not, then you need to brush up on your reading.


i've never had problems with zma, but then again, i don't dream on a regular basis.


I experienced the same thing when i first bought ZMA, but it was of a crap brand. A few weeks ago I bought Maximuscle ZMA which is meant to be a respectable UK supplement brand. and since then i am completely sold on that shit. All you need to do is to take it on empty stomach, 60-30 mins before going to bed, ideally on empty stomach [or at least don't have any calcium-containing food and the next day you will be only woken up by a massive boner