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ZMA on Empty

I was reading about ZMA and it says that you should take this on an empty stomach before bed,but if your suppose to have this on an empty stomach then how can you have your meal before going to bed ?

Or does’nt it matter about having it on an empty stomach ?

Maybe you could take ZMA and then eat 30 minutes later.

I presume they say on an empty stomach so it can be quickly absorbed, seeing as you take it before sleep to assist with said sleep. Wouldn’t want it kicking in at too late during your sleep cycle cause it took so long to digest with the casein proteins people might be consuming prior to bed.
I don’t see why you couldn’t take it, eat 30 minutes later, then go to bed 30 minutes after that.
Give it a shot n let us know…

Yeah, i think it helps with your sleep, so it’ll be in your system ready for you when you eventually do go to bed.
So I agree that you could take it, wait, eat, and hit the sack.

I take ZMA regularly. I haven’t noticed much differenct between taking it and eating later (between 20-45 minutes) or taking it directly before bed. I don’t typically drink milk or have high calcium meals though so I can’t speak to ZMA’s interaction with calcium specifically.

As an aside, I find when mixing ZMA with 5-8g of glycine the effects are greatly enhanced for me. As in I don’t wake up at all during the night. Not even to use the bathroom. It’s really a sound sleep for me when mixing both.

IMO, the nutrients in ZMA will still be absorbed if you take it with food.

I’ve had the same (extremely) sound sleep when taking with an empty stomach, and also when taking it with my evening meal.

I had this same challenge at first. Frankly, when I’m eating several small meals a day my stomach is never “empty.” I try to leave at least 30 minutes between food and ZMA, and it seems to work just fine. Another aside: I don’t “feel” a whole lot from ZMA whether I take with or without food. I use it for mineral support and the off-chance that some of those studies about it are accurate.