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ZMA Nightmares


Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can avoid the vivid dreams that are associated with taking ZMA before bed?

I've been dreaming about my dad a lot lately who died tragically a couple years ago and it's really emotionally taxing for me. I find myself waking up in a panic and actually losing sleep because of it.


Just be calm and familarize yourself with hypnosis and relaxation techniques, once you relax and let go, it's always easier to sleep.


How would that help me avoid the dreams?


Had the same problem. Started splitting the dosage up threwout the day. Problem solved.

One first thing in the morning, one mid afternoon, one before bed. Good to go


If you take ZMA in the morning or when you're going to be awake for a while, you'll still get the mineral benefits of it just without the vivid dreams at night.

If you're wondering how you can get the deep-sleep effects without the nightmares then thats pretty much impossible to regulate.


How long have you been taking it? I found the dreams only to be more vivid for the first week or two. After that my body adjusted.


I've been taking Zinc for a couple years. I hadn't had the dreams involving my dad for a long time but this father's day was a pretty emotional for me and I had a lot of feelings re-surface. I visited the site where we spread my dad's ashes for the first time since doing so.

If I'll get the same benefits taking it throughout the day then problem solved. It does say to take it 30-60 minutes before bedtime though.


gives me nasty headaches


It only says to take prior to bed, because magnesium can cause drowsiness. Also, its easier to take at night because a lot of minerals interfer with zinc and magnesium uptake.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem if you are only taking one pill 3 times a day. Maybe have one in the morning and then the other two when you get home, but still a few hours before you go to bed.


Put a porno on before you goto sleep. Your dreams will ROCK


No offense but it's probably not the ZMA that's causing dreams like that. You need to become at peace with yourself.


No offense taken. But it's definitely the ZMA. It's unmistakable.


Honestly I'd recommend meditation...
I use to suffer from very bad anxiety attacks... after making meditation a regular part of my life I'm in complete control and at peace.


I agree with the others, you may want to try and space it out over the day. I stopped taking it as the constant barrage of dreams prevented me from getting any rest... even with the pills spaced out over the day.

It's up to you, see what works best.

In all seriousness though, if you are having some problems due to your past... you may want to consider seeing a counselor. Nothing wrong with talking about the events and getting everything out in the open.

Good luck,



No, when I took ZMA, I used to have horrific dreams. I stopped taking it, and they stopped.


So last night I woke up from 3 different dreams. None involving my dad. One I woke up after getting hit in the back of the head with a rock while chewing on a giant gobstopper. I lost all my teeth in the dream and woke up with a very sore jaw. I'm gonna go ahead and take ZMA throughout the day. I'm tired of waking up feeling like crap.


Dreams are unconcious. If you want to dream about a certain thing, you shouldnt think about it right before bed.


try writing down your dreams in a journal- whenever i have nightmares, i try to write them down and they usually go away. i wish i was dreaming vividly like everyone else seems to, because i'm taking it and it doesn't really do anything for my sleep


I have a lot of trouble falling asleep at night so sometimes I take it with Melatonin. Other than the dreams waking me up, it's the best sleep I've ever had. Wake up 8 hours later feeling amazing.


ZMA gives me vivid dreams and sometimes nightmares. They are only dreams which do not bother me after waking up.