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ZMA Morning Question

Hi, i’ve been taking ZMA for a couple of months now, mainly to help me sleep better. Sleeping has always been a disaster for me and now it’s actually solved. It works brilliant i must say. The only problem is, in the morning and troughout the first half of the day i’m slow and drowsy. Is there a supplement or trick to get me started better in the morning?

Coffee doesn’t really help much. It makes me feel good because i’m addicted to it, and it makes me sharper… but my head is still half in sleeping mode.

I’ve never used it, but I feel like someone will chime in with Spike Shooter at some point.

[quote]snowdog wrote:
Is there a supplement or trick to get me started better in the morning? [/quote]

More sleep.

I had the same problem getting up for my morning classes, but HOT-ROX has been working very well. It makes me feel awake and alert, but not wired like a caffine drink would (I’m sensitive to caffine)

Palo Alto Labs has just come out with a product called Reset AD that’s supposed to help recover from stimulant addiction. You may want to go check it out, as it says it will curb that sluggish feeling in the morning. And try to cut back on the caffeine a bit, too, slowly. You’re pretty classic symptoms of caffeine addiction. Message me if you have any questions.

I just got a bottle to give it a shot but I’m not sure if it’s working or not yet, as my schedule is off the hook and I’m not sleeping enough period. But it was only 15 dollars for a month’s worth, so it may be worth a shot. Shouldn’t interfere with any other supplements unless you take GABA.

Good luck…

I know what you mean snowdog, same thing happened to me. I cut down the dose to 2 caps and I still seem to be sleeping better, but feeling more awake when I get up as well.

Take your ZMA earlier in the night, maybe an hour or two before going to sleep. That’s what I do and I still sleep great but am wide awake in the morning.

That Reset AD sounds good actually. It describes the problems i’m having perfectly. But:

  1. Isn’t that stuff bad for you? It sounds a bit extreme from the discription.
  2. Will it keep working after a while of taking it?

Try a cold shower in the mourning, and after exercise its good for you and is a nautral way of stimulating your body. It must be properly cold thoutgh.

Take it earlier. I use melatonin and get the same feeling if I use it as early as 10pm.

I usually take it around 8 and wake up just fine.