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ZMA Laugh


So I am about to order my next batch of goodies and was thinking about ordering some ZMA just for fun. But then i'm like "well..all their stuff is like 40 or 50 bucks and i'm kinda low.." then I look at it and its only nine freakin dollar. I laughed because that seems cheap if it does infact kick that much ass.

Any user reviews?


I ordered my second bottle a few days ago.

I love it.

It definitely puts you in a 'deeper' sleep. My dreams seem more vivid, at least.



Biotest's ZMA is cheap because it can be easily mass-produced. That doesn't make it any less potent. Give it a try.


Yes, I gained 100lbs of muscle in 3 days!!!!

sorry, just had to be a little sarcastic.

It's a mineral supplement. I'm sure you take a multi-vitamin right? Those are what 10-20 bucks for a month? Well, this is a specialized mineral supplement. It's key since most regular exercisers are low on zinc and magnesium and these minerals are related to testosterone levels and performance. You can read more about it in the thread itself, but I'm sure you haven't measured and "results" from your multivitamin yet continue to take it right? ZMA is like that, you can just assume it's helping you out.

I have noticed that I sleep better and deeper. And if you sleep for a long time, say 12 hours, the dreams are crazy imaginitive and vivid.


I've used it since it came out. I love it for the sleep benefits and the vivid dreams.


Every trainer should be using ZMA. You will absolutely sleep much better and your dreams will be very intense(I believe this is the megadose of B6 causing this). Its nice to use a supplement that you can actually notice an immediate effect.

Will there be some short term strength or size benefit? Probably not but more restful sleep will certainly help your efforts over the long haul.


The deep restfull sleep is from magnesium. B6 is added to help absorbtion and delivery. B6 actually would help keep you awake, the opposite of the sedative effects of magnesium.


Waking up with a massive boner everytime you take it is pretty good too.


Is there anything that one can do with ZMA to not have any dreaming?


Not going to bed with a clear conscious, huh?