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ZMA?...is it any good?

I just finished hearing about ZMA(zinc and MAG).I heard that it gives good results on building muscle mass and increases Testatorone.
Has anyone tried it?, The dosage?, and can you mix it with any other supplement? (i.e. calcium,creatine, etc.)Thanx peeps. Flaco

I’ve been taking ZMA for a couple of years. I can’t tell any difference in T, but my sleep is much improved, with vivid dreams. I keep taking it for that reason alone. I only take 2 caps/night, I get the runs from the magnesium at 3 caps/night.

It may cause a slight elevation in Testosterone, but it won’t be enough to cause drastic strength or muscle increases unless you are severly deficient in zinc or magnesium. Like Calvin, I take it for precaution (to make sure I’m getting adequate zinc/magnesium in my diet) and also for the sleep affects. You will sleep very well, and the dreams are the best part. I take the three caps each night prior to bed. Works great for me.

When I cycled ZMA, the results were signifigant enough for me to notice a difference. The strength increases were evident only to the extent that I retained my strength eating low calories.
Another interesting thing was that I could sleep on an empty stomach, and retain my strength despite the drop in calories.
If you buy, make sure the Zinc and Mag are from aspartate. The Canadian version of Z-Mass has Chelated Zinc in it. Dumbasses!

Thanx guys one more question…what brands have you tried and which one do you recommend…I assume i can not take it w/ calcium right? Thanks again

Heya T-freques. I took Biotest’s ZMA last night and DAMN, best sleep I’ve had in years, complete with some wild-ass dreaming. Woke up refreshed and ready. I was wondering if I should take any precautions with the ZMA as far as dosage. Should I not take my usual multivitamin when taking ZMA? Should I only take it on days after I’ve worked out? Possible mineral overdoses? Thanks. Lata.

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I use Biotest’s ZMA. Any brand made by SNAC will be the one to go with. Yes, try to avoid taking any calcium with the ZMA. Calcium fights for the same receptor sites, which would make it less effective.

Thanx Nate for your advice bro, Peace

I had good results with both I.S.S. ZMA and Biotest ZMA. I found that the I.S.S. brand knocked me out a little more though and it was cheaper. I would still be buying Biotest if I had my choice.