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ZMA In The Morning?


It seems like, if I wait long enough in the evening to take ZMA on empty stomach after dinner, I either fall asleep, or I forget.

So, would there be any problem with taking ZMA in the morning? The stomach is definitely empty then. I don't care about whatever effects ZMA might have on my sleep, I'm not taking it for that.

Any potential interference with TRIBEX if taken at the same time? (unlikely, but better safe than sorry)


It makes me drowsy so I wouldnt want to try it in the morning, but maybe youre different. As far as I know taking it on an empty stomach isnt as important as avoiding calcium containing foods when you take it.




I take it in the morning, every morning.

Doesn't bother me one bit. I'll take it in the morning and go have great workouts an hour later.

It gave me weird dreams, so I had to go A.M.

It wont hurt to take it with TRIBEX, and in fact I do that as well. And like most said, as long as you avoid calcium and fiber like the plague you can have food with it. Im not sure about ZMA, but I know alot of herbs, TRIBEX in particular, have better absorbtion with food.


I dont' believe ZMA gives anyone weird dreams. It allows you to sleep in a state that you're more likely to dream in. Any weird dreams should be blamed on whatever you were exposed to that put those thoughts in your head (media, people, etc.)


It did for me. Nightmares, you name it. Im not scared of shit, but waking up twice a night was affecting my quality of sleep. Started taking it in the morning, no problems.

Maybe my head is full of bad thoughts, LOL.


Nope, no drowsiness so far. Will try it some more and see what happens.

Ah, but see, I recently broke my left collarbone and my right ankle in an accident so, until my bones heal up, I'm eating as much calcium as I can. Which basically means I'm gonna hate milk for a long time afterwards.