ZMA, Harder Falling Asleep & Less Hours But More Energy?

I thought i’d give them a go as they are quite cheap.Naturally i don’t have problems falling asleep and always get a good 7hrs or so. My main problem is i don’t ever really feel that well rested.

I’ve started just taking 2 capsules instead of the 3 recommended on the bottle. It seems like it’s harder to fall asleep for me meaning i get less hours, but i am more energized in the morning. This makes me wonder if it’s worth it or not as there’s negatives aswell as a positive.

I just wondered if anyone had any input. Maybe i could try taking them earlier in the evening?

I take ZMA every night about a half hour before I get in bed. For that half hour I do suduko puzzles to ease my mind. (Be sure to not eat anything with calcium at least two hours before taking the ZMA.) I take the full dose.

I get right at 7 hours of sleep every night and wake feeling pretty good.

Not specifically ZMA, but I when I started using ElitePro Minerals and melatonin, my sleep quantity didn’t improve but my sleep QUALITY increased dramatically. I’m still undersleeping, but the sleep I get is VERY restorative.

-Keep doing what your are doing and/or try three capsules