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ZMA/GABA Supp Waking Me Up


Im taking a ZMA + GABA supplement …

8:30PM finished off working out and consumed my whey protein shake.
9-9:30PM Dinner (steak with broccoli and onions)
10:30PM Took 3 pills (that’s 450mg of magnesium, 30mg zinc, B6 10.5mg and 100mg GABA)
11-11:15PM sleep

I woke up at 5AM with anxiety and feeling as if were not sleeping at all completely awake (felt refreshed but weird). I was able to sleep myself again about 30min later.

Am i doing something wrong? Should i change the scheduling? lower the dose?


your GABA dose is very little. I use the powder and a 1/4 teaspoon (the serving size) is 500mg. I personally take 2 grams.

maybe you had a bad dream…

I’ve written about this before: GABA once it enters the stomach is no longer GABA - in fact, you can’t “consume” any neurotransmitters.

I believe this could be an issue, especially since consuming straight GABA can create some liver issues.

Because you’re working out (and eating dinner) so late at night, I’d suggest taking 2 caps ZMA post-workout or w/ dinner. Then take 2 more 30-60min before you hit the sack. A couple things could be happening here:

  1. Cortisol (stress) levels are high too late in the day and you haven’t quite brought them down completely with your 3xZMA’s. Are you taking a pre-workout stack pre-workout for that 7:30pm lift?? A lot of these pre-workout supps keep you rammed up for 8hrs!
  2. You mentioned feeling refreshed at 5am. Have you tried just waking up for the day at this time?? I’ve read that waking up refreshed at the crack of dawn with only 5-6hrs means you’re very anabolic! ZMA’s could be getting you in that “deep” “quality” sleep and all you need is 5-6.
  3. Magnesium dose could be inadequate. I’ve also read that ZMA’s are only 17% as effective as taking Zinc and Magnesium separate. From an absorption standpoint.
  4. ZMA could’ve lost it’s effectiveness - how long have you been on it?? It’s could to vary your Magnesium supplements. Switch from a mag citrate, to a glycinate, back to ZMA.
    Hope some of these notes help. I realize there’s probably a scheduling thing going on here with work and other responsibilities, but is there any way to work out early in the day when you’re more YANG, and focus on winding down and relaxing (YIN) at night??
    All the best!

ZMA for a minority can intefere with sleep and also can give very intense dreams

RampantBadger is right, magnesium (YIN) will also wake some people up while more YANG supplements will put them to bed. Recognize if you’re one of those people and adjust accordingly. They’re definitely a minority; living in Bizarro world, where everything is ass backwards.
All the best!