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ZMA for Teen

Sorry for spamming this forum but I have quite a few questions i need to shoot at people :stuck_out_tongue:

A few months ago I took ZMA since it was a recommended supplement from a training program I had.

However I had pretty bad anger problems & a slight increase in ance(I’m 17. I’m wondering if it was because i had super high test levels.

However, it’s hard to keep locked away in the cupboard with the great benefits I could get from it with weight training.

ZMA rage?!?!?

Umm… It’s a zinc supp :stuck_out_tongue:

Your fine.

The anger may just be teenage wangst, however.


Dont worry about it man, take the zma.

[quote]BoxBabaX wrote:


Classic, I’m going to put it in an email and send it to everyone.

Your rage was placebo rage as in you were “on” something so you felt the need to be a prick LOL. Sure it could have likely raised your test and helped with sleep etc. Its a solid supp but if it made you a prick that was just the natural you coming out or you feeling the need to be a prick.

Yes it if it raise test etc may have maybe gave you some more acne etc.