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ZMA For a Teenager...


I asked about ZMA a while back, and I was unsure about taking it because it talks about increasing endo test, but I said I was unsure it it would be ok for me to take it (I'm now 17.) I was suggested valarian root, which I took for about 2 months.

I bought a brand from the vitamin shoppe and when the bottle ran out, I went to the local GNC and bought another bottle. My first bottle worked great for me, I felt better in the morning, remembered my dreams (which I usually dont, so I figured that would be an indication of a deeper, higher quality sleep.)

Anyway, when I take it from this new bottle I dont get the same effect. It takes me longer to fall asleep despite different times taking it in the evening, right before I go to bed, empty or a full stomach. It doesnt work. By the way, both bottles were 1000mg of concentrated valarian root.

Has anyone heard of this happening before? Is it possible to build up a tolerance to it?

My question is, after my long ass story, is would ZMA be ok for me to take?


There is no regulation on herbal supplements, so there is nothing holding a company to provide what they are claiming the product will do. You may want to try to go back to the same brand, but there is no garantee that you'll be getting the same quality between two bottles even in the same brand.


Go for taking ZMA !!
...Have fun with the dreams though, they're a real trip.

I take it (19/female)
My boyfriend takes it (20/male, duh) and so does my younger brother (17 years old).
We've all compared notes on it, and it definitely helps with recovery -- this I've noticed, for sure. I also find I get much better sleep with it.

It's not going to make you huge, but it's a mineral supplement: It's going to give you minerals that your body may be deficient in.


Zinc and Magnessium are both found in multivitamins (not in the same quantities or the same source), so there should be no question as to whether or not it is safe. It's just a little extra shot of it... And the sleep kicks ASS.


I bet it doesnt compare to the acid I usually take right when I wake up.

Alright sweet guys, thanks for the advice. I'll let you know how it goes.

Just one more question, it says not to take it with calcium. Metabolic Drive has calcium caseinate in it. Does anyone else have a serving of Metabolic Drive right before bed with ZMA? What is the time frame it should be taken with each other? Thanks.


Ca will interfere with the absorption of ZMA. I'd say 30 mins in between each other should be sufficient.


Would you suggest the Metabolic Drive or ZMA first? My guess would be ZMA first.


take the ZMA an hour before bed (say, at 10p)
have your protein shake at 10.45p

that's what i usually do, works well so far -




Dude, just buy it here, its only 9 bucks. I wouldnt take any chances with the crap they sell in the stores.

I would give it an hour to digest as well before takin in any food


Dude, I am going to buy it here. I never said anything about not buying it here. I said someone suggested valarian root, which I obviously bought somewhere other than here. It worked for a while, then it stopped. I was seeing if ZMA was an alternate route of having dreams where I'm in the middle of WWIII. But thats a different story.