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ZMA for a Teen?

I would think ZMA would be fine for a very active and athletic teen, but would like to get some input. From what I’ve read about ZMA, I think it would do my son some good, he is doing so much training this summer he probably is lacking in these vital minerals, but I was wondering if they have the same affect on a teenager. Thank You for responding to what might seem like a dumb question.

Would be fine, if not wise even.

I’d say it would be fine, especially for a teen with a, well, teenage boy diet. You may have that covered for him though.

I’m 18 and just started taking ZMA. Apparently I was lacking in all these vital minerals because after taking this supplement I was able to sleep much better. I don’t know if my recovery time improved much if at all, but the benefit of better sleep, especially since I have a manual labor job, really does help. I’ve heard the claim that ZMA is known as a testosterone booster, but I doubt that this claim is true because Zinc and Magnesium are minerals that are in our daily diet anyways, and probably don’t have any magical effect on testosterone and thusly is safe for teenagers. Also,some people claim that ZMA boosts strength, but I don’t nescesarrily think this is true, I just think that the better sleep leads to better recovery, leads to more efficient workouts, which leads to (if the workout is properly done) more strength/muscle, etc. I think ZMA is a supplement that should be added to peoples diets regardless of what they do, because many people are deficient in these minerals.

So, basically, from ZMA expect:
Better, more ‘efficient’ sleep (and therefore, better recovery times)
Vivid dreams ( you have no idea, buy this shit. Before taking this supplement I remember having 2 dreams in the past year. After I took it, I’ve had multiple, VIVID, dreams, every night)
Possible strength gains with a proper workout regimen

So if you are buying surge, Power Drive, Grow! for your son too, make sure to add the cheap and effective supplement of ZMA.

good luck!


(ZMA article, for a more thorough explanation)

(p.s., the article talks about testosterone boost, but it wouldn’t be anything outrageous like from 4-AD, or 1-test, or any other steroidal, so it won’t effect a teenager negatively. in other words, it would only boost your sons testosterone to his highest natural level, if it boosts test levels at all.)

ZMA would be an excellent supp for teenagers. Zn and Mg have been shown to be two of the most common def. nutients in college football players. Since most teens have crap diets they are prob not getting enough of these nutrients, especially if they are involved in a sign exercise program.

This would help to optimize hormone production, without having the negative effects that the prohormones would have on them.

Thank you for the response, I will let my son start taking it tonight. By the way, his diet is not like your typical teen, I think back to that age and think, “what if I ate like this when I was 15” all the time.