ZMA for a 16 year old?

I know that ZMA can help elevate testosterone which makes me a little nervous if I will be able to take this. I am 16 would it be safe for me to take this?

as I speak im putting my arm around curious and guiding to the mecca i call tmag? havent been reading long huh? ok no problemheres the
555-1212 oh wait 411 is cheaper i digress. no ZMA Zinc Magnesium and aspartate take a good gander child isnt she beautiful? ZMA in dosent raise testosterone levels my friend it potentially raises them. potential is the key word if you have no deficency in the zinc and mag area you get nothing.however good news is most people do have a ZMA deficiancy especially if your athletic. So basically if you have a deficiancy it can raise T levels and have other posative effect on your endocrine system however its not going to bring you even close to over what your body can optimally produce its completly safe. in fact ill take my kids from breast milk to ZMA. have a 5 year old garry frank runnin around

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Maybe this is a different “curious”.

Thanks TEK I am not the same curious as the one who made the other post.

If you’re overtrained and/or don’t have a perfect diet then yes, ZMA will help. It’s safe for a 16 year old. Like someone else said, it will maximize your natural T levels (if yours aren’t already for diet or overtraining reasons) but it won’t put you over the top.