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ZMA for 19 Year Old

Is this advised or just pointless even if I feel my test levels aren’t very high

Shugs advised it for teenagers in his superstack thread (after Surge, Metabolic Drive, Superfood, and Flameout) because its kind of like a hormonal insurance of sorts. It basically gaurantees that your T won’t be lacking because of zinc and magnesium deficiency which almost everyone has to some extent. It just makes sure that your t levels are optimal and a deeper sleep means better t levels and recovery as well.

right, so what about the other t-boosters on the market?

You’re in the wrong forum

ur right my bad

Will a mod move this thread to the supplements forum?

ZMA is not a test booster. It contains zinc, which some athletes are deficient in due to hard training. Zinc is used by the body to maintain testosterone levels. It will not cause it to produce more than normal.

ZMA should be fine for athletes your age. Test boosters, however, are unnecessary.

You should definitely go for it if you have the funds. There is no one who is not in need of some extra magnesium and Zinc especially hard training t-men.

If anything, you’ll sleep better which means better recovery. At <$20/month its a worthy investment