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ZMA Feedback?

[quote]freakme wrote:
Could anybody comment on ZMA and whether or not the claims are substantiated? Is this truly something I should be adding to my supplement list to go along with Surge,Powerdrive, and Grow? Any help would be appreciated, but I’m definately looking more for objective responses. Thanks folks.[/quote]

Will ZMA boost test levels like Tribex, Red Kat or Alpha Male? Heck no. Will it pack on slabs of muscle like Mag-10? No way. It will however support test production at a micro nutrient level. Plus zinc is used in over 50 enzymatic processes and if you’re training hard your zinc levels will be low. Trust me it’s a good thing to add.


I’ve only taken ZMA for two days now, but I like what I feel already. I slightly strained my forearm while working - I think it was last Thursday, and a weekend of rest didn’t help too much. I couldn’t help but agravate it on Monday and it felt pretty bad on Tuesday. I received my shipment Tuesday and took my first dose that night, and the pain was pretty much gone by morning. Placebo or the real deal - I don’t care!

As far as sleep goes, I haven’t had any of those crazy dreams - which I was kind of looking forward to… However, I have felt more relaxed while lying in bed, and I have fallen asleep a little bit faster.

I have also felt a little more relaxed and looser during the day, which might just be an effect from the better sleep.

Give it a try!