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ZMA Feedback?

Could anybody comment on ZMA and whether or not the claims are substantiated? Is this truly something I should be adding to my supplement list to go along with Surge,Powerdrive, and Grow? Any help would be appreciated, but I’m definately looking more for objective responses. Thanks folks.

Its 9 dollars in the store.

I would add it.

If it were 20 or more…eh, not so much.

Its gonna supply you with an optimal balance and type of zinc and magnesium, at a good time-pre bedtime.

Also helps you sleep.

So, overall, for a 9 dollar product that ensures adequate zinc levels and consequently, optimal hormonal output, and better sleep, I would give it a big thumbs up.

zma is probably one if the best supplements i’ve ever tried. last year during a meltdown training phase i was supplementing with it, and i not only slept like a baby but my t-levels felt like they were through the roof.

ZMA gives me some of the deepest sleep I can ever remember, especially during heavy duty training…and the dreams…WOW, the dreams!

OK, is this really good for sleep?

Because I know people who say gravol is good for sleep, but I take it. Nothing.

I’ve taken extra strength sleep aids and they do nothing. (Not more than 3 days in a row, I read the labels)

But then again, I don’t feel painkillers. After surgery I’ve been given Tylenol-3 and I find it useless, still have half a bottle.

So really what I’m asking is if any insomniacs have used this successfully?

Wow, I just highjack the thread. But I don’t care; I’ll blame it on sleep deprivation.

I took a bottle and didn’t notice anything.
Just my two cents.

If you are deficient in Zinc and/or Magnesium then it will probably benefit you. Many people, especially hard training athletes, are deficient in these minerals. Otherwise, it will not benefit you, except for possibly enhancing the quality of your sleep. For the price, why not try a bottle and see if you like it.

I love ZMA and have used it for years. It’s one of my “basic” supplements in addition to some other vitamins and my LC Grow and Surge.

I like ZMA because it helps me sleep better and gives me wildly, vivid dreams. Dreams that I cannot tell whether they are real or just dreams. And the sleep. Oh man. I sleep so good when I use it consistently.

I have not noticed strength or other gains, but for me, the sleep and dreams are worth it.

For those deficient in Zinc or Magnesium, they will notice more with ZMA.

My biggest question is when do you take your ZMA? I know you take it before bed, but it suggests to not take with protein. How do you get your bedtime protein shake in and ZMA?

Take the ZMA 1 hour prior to bedtime and your late-night protein immediately before bed.

[quote]jgasbo1 wrote:
My biggest question is when do you take your ZMA? I know you take it before bed, but it suggests to not take with protein. How do you get your bedtime protein shake in and ZMA?[/quote]

Zinc and calcium don’t mix. I would try ZMA for a few weeks a few hours after your last meal, if you feel a difference, you probably had a deficiency, if it is worth it make a permanent adjustment. Life and especially bodybuilding and nutrition are process of trial and error.

IMO, alot of the bodybuilding minutia is given too much credence. Not slugging down a protein based meal right before bed won’t make or break a program…now if I could just convince myself of that fact.

ZMA is one of those supps that I was convinced would work due to all the research behind it. Unfortunately, after trying it several times (when it was a LOT more expensive) I came to the conclusion that it didn’t do squat for me. It’s so cheap now that it’d be ridiculous for you not to try it for a month. I just know that it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve taken a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral pack every day for years, though, maybe that’s why…

ZMA definitely works…especially the Magnesium side of it. After re reading the recovery chapter of The Poliquin Principles, I am convinced that Magnesium makes a huge difference. I am training twice a day with my plyo and speed workouts at 8am and lifting at 3…so I am obsessed with recovery. From my physiological knowledge, it makes perfect sense that magnesium stores need replenished with serious exercise due to the high amounts of Mg stores used during muscular contractions. Coming from a college football player constantly on the edge of overtraining, I highly reccomend trying magnesium (Poliquin reccomends 250 mg servings).

I didn’t notice its effect until I stopped taking it. Then DOMS increased substantially.

I started taking ZMA about a month ago and the most notable difference is definitely the sleep. It’s great. Nate Dogg, you said you’ve been taking it for years. Do you cycle it or just take it constantly?

I agree with Pete on this one. I did not realize how well the ZMA worked until I actually stopped using it once when I ran out. After a couple days I was getting cramps, and greater DOMS. After adding ZMA back in not a problem.

Still the main benefit I feel is greater sleep, which is well worth it alone.

Now if your are expecting steroid like gains or something you will be disappointed. You need to take it for what it is, a Vit/mineral supp. that may help enhance T levels and help with better rest.


I bought a bottle in the past at a much higher price and it made a noticable differance during the first week. I was able to fall asleep a little better at first which was nice, and even after the sleep aid effect faded my body felt more relaxed when I laid in bed. I blame the limited sleep-aid effects on an obvious substantial difficiancy before taking it that leveled off after awhile. With the new price I plan on using this all the time due to the previous mention obvious difficiancy. Afer hearing the remarks about DOMS I will take a week or two off after I finish my next bottle and see if I notice anything.

for the price and science behind the product I say its worth it.

I have never been able to sleep properly until i started taking ZMA, i havnt taken it for about a week now and have gone back to my 3hr sleeps a night instead of 8-9, thought id experiment, it has gone horribly wrong, in a rest week this week but definintly back on Monday

It’s only 30-frekin-cents a day, so why not take it? I’ve considered it a “base” supplement for a while now. You know; Pro-powder, Multi, Anti-oxidants, Surge, the basic everyday supps that keep me being a superior anabolic MAN baby! Heres the benifits I’ve seen with ZMA; Sleep (way better), Rocovery (Slightly better), Strength (no change), Morning hard-ons (a bit harder and longer in duration). I used to take it with my bed-time shake which includes hefty doses of cottage cheese and calcium. When I finnaly just MADE myself remember to take them a half-hour before the shake I noticed greater effects. Hope that helps.

[quote]invinciblehero wrote:
I started taking ZMA about a month ago and the most notable difference is definitely the sleep. It’s great. Nate Dogg, you said you’ve been taking it for years. Do you cycle it or just take it constantly? [/quote]

I’ve cycled it but not intentionally. There were times where I ran out and didn’t buy more for a few months. I could definitely notice the difference in the quality of sleep without it.

I prefer and recommend keeping it as a permanent part of your nutritional habits, as it is similar to taking vitamins. You don’t cycle your vitamins, do you?

Zinc and magnesium are a good addition to anyone’s diet (unless you already get an overabundance of those minerals).

I’d use it all the time. I just purchased enough to last six months. When I get low, I’ll order more.

With Biotest’s new, lower prices, I can easily and painlessly order it whenever I need it (along with Grow and Surge).