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ZMA Explodes In Shower!


SPECIAL NOTE (The events that follow are due to me not following the directions properly on the bottle. It's not the ZMA's fault or Biotests . . . just my own oafishness. It could have happened with any pills.)

So I took my ZMA before I headed into the shower and I noticed I felt a little funny in the throat. Kind of like a pill got stuck halfway down and was sticking to the side. I've felt this way before so I thought nothing of it.

I tried swallowing some more water but that didn't make it go away, but it always did eventually so I let it go.
Then . . . out of nowhere . . . I suddenly belch and a SPRAY OF ZMA POWDER BURSTS OUT OF MY MOUTH LIKE AN A-BOMB MUSHROOM CLOUD.

The worst part was I lost a bunch of ZMA.


That has happened to me before. Not very pleasant when it gets all over your office desk!


lol... wow, the things you learn on T-Nation :slightly_smiling:


I hear that is what killed the kid from that cereal commercial in the 70's.


I've gotten this a lot from capsuled powders. I feel like a dragon hissing smoke when the cloud shoots out.


i'll bet it's wicked flammable too when it's all dispersed like that. try it... but you didn't hear it from me.


The other day I was eating some cashews which were conveniently placed in a baggie next to my fish oil capsules...

Apparently, a few of these little oil filled gel caps mixed in with the cashews.

Salty, nutty goodness followed by a pop and warm, foul-smelling liquid running down my chin.

Needless to say, I swallowed it all down with some water rather than spitting it out...gotta get those calories!



I had that happen once with a gel-cap multivitamin when I tried to swallow it with coffee. I figured that the hot coffee melted the gel-cap.

that sucked.


It's finals week so I took a bag of jerkey and a bag of almonds with me to the library. In the ziploc I had 1/3 cup of almonds and in order to not waste another baggie I just threw 3 fish oil caps in.

I was meerily eating my almonds in the library and then that crisp wet crunch... man that's the worst... I finished my almonds after a trip to rinse my mouth out... it was a battle to eat the rest of the almonds.


This happened to me once with TRIBEX.


For a second I thought my ex-girlfriend posted.




That comment really made my night. Here I was thinking I was wasting my night reading T-Nation when I should be studying for my 8 AM final, but no you convinced me I am justified. Thank you ha


used to happen all the time with TRIBEX and MD-6. those tasted bad. laters pk


I think your Chris Farley avatar is the perfect accompaniment to your jokes...

Good lord, that was horrible wording on my part.




This is the best line I've heard in a while.


Happened to me before with the old TRIBEX-500. Took a dose empty stomach in the morning and didn't drink enough water. Burped out some TRIBEX "smoke". I kinda like the taste of those TRIBEX burps. ;]


you really should win something for that line lol


I used to have issues when swallowing fish oil capsules and chondroitin capsules at the same time. The solution is simple:
- swallow capsules one at a time
- drink enough water
- take a bite of something solid after swallowing each capsule, then gulp a little bit of water again

The last step is especially effective. A biscuit, a chunk of apple, anything will do. Much more effective than simple water at pushing the capsule down.


the axact same thing happened to me about 5 mins after i had them. i was thinking what the fuck is this.