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ZMA Expiration?

In what can only be considered a lapse in good judgement, I purchased a bottle of Biotest ZMA from a local shop (the last bottle they had) and didn’t realize until after I bought it that the “Best By” date had passed by about 10 months (7/05). Refunding is not an option, as I’ve already opened the bottle.

My question is, have I wasted my money? Is the efficacy of the supplement just shot, or will it still work for the most part? (I realize the date is there for a reason, but I’m hoping that I didn’t completely flush my money down the toilet…)

Before I get reamed, I know I should have just ordered from Biotest directly, but I was in a pinch. I have learned my lesson.

I would try to return it anyways, I don’t think they’re supossed to have it on the shelves after the expired date, which is their fault.

I would definitely return it. I think it is their responsibility to take things off the shelf after they expire.