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ZMA Everyday?


i've decided to only take on my non-training days (3 days a week). This is because on my 4 training days i'd rather take some casein based supplement and i know that ZMA works best on an empty stomach, and since casein based supplements are rich in calcium the ZMA will become useless.

Also im worried that if i do take it everyday, i might be overdosing on zinc or magnesium.

So my question: will zma stil be useful if i take it just 3 days a week?

Also, can this product be taken year round or do i have to cycle it?


I believe it's a year round kind of thing. But my guess would be that taking it everyday would be the best bet. I take a casein drink before bed so I try and get my ZMA in about an hour before the protein drink.

ZMA is also a supplement that is said to get the best results noticed after 2 weeks of use. I don't know if breaking it by 3 days a week would be detrimental or not.......It's better than not taking it I suppose.


It's a vitamin/mineral pill. Do you cycle steak or pumpkin seeds?

As far as I can tell taking ZMA, waiting an hour, and then taking some casein works fine.


LOL......... What he said


I take my ZMA 2 hours after the last meal, wait 30mns, then load up on casein.


I take ZMA for 2-3 weeks then take 250-500 mg of calcium 30 min before bed...

and yes you should cycle most every thing protein powders types of meat carbs and so on...

Your body will adapt and become complacent, keep it guessing...


A participating athlete probably will not overdose on ZMA, which has only 200% of the RDA of Zn and about 120% of the RDA of Mg. And most peoples stomachs clear out in 15 to 30 minutes.


Id likie to see some proof of this. Hell there are groups of ppl, say extreme example, eskimos that live on one food source or very very limited for much of the year and are very healthy its not like your body one day says HMMM, Whey o not going to use the Biotest brand any more, you better get some at walmart. LOL



What are your goals? on this web site it's more than just general health. If it's performance then you need to change up your diet with clean foods. You can live on a diet of solid meat and fat but I don't see many eskimo power lifters or power lifters that promote the eskimo diet for performance.

You don't NEED to cycle your proteins to stay fit but you should if you are into making performance gains...


Here's an idea: take it with the PWO drink. Unless it's milk, it shouldn't have calcium in it, so ZMA should be absorbed properly.

Yeah, it's fine to take it daily. Take a smaller dosage than the recommended one, if you're worried about getting too much zinc.