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ZMA Dreams



I used to take ZMA and swore by it just for the added benefit of being able to sleep better. I stopped using it for some reason, and then started again on what I had left in my bottle.

What used to really help me sleep started giving me such incredibly vivid, life-like dreams that when I woke up, it felt as I never went to sleep.

Has anyone noticed this side effect? I started taking it again to help me sleep and see if it might have been just a few nights of bad sleep. Just wondered if anyone else has had a reaction like this?



I did. One of the main reasons I love taking ZMA: crazy dreams every night!


Similar to you I have just started on ZMA again after taking 4 weeks off. While on ZMA, I had been waking with a 'vague headache' or what you might call a fuzzy headed feeling, even though I was getting good sleep.

Well I have only been back on the ZMA for 2 days and the same thing is happening. Good sleep but feeling like shit when I wake up. It really is irking me because I go get much better sleep while taking ZMA. Interested in any solutions people might offer.

PS: I have tried a number of different brands of ZMA.
PPS: I dont often get vivid dreams on ZMA


Split it up throughout the day. thats what I do. I had the same things going on - bad dreams and I would wake up, or sometimes I would wake up early, feeling as though I was never asleep.

Now i split it up thoughout the day. Works best for me, and I get the REAL benefits from it, not the sleep kind, but the boost in recovery, boost in strength and test support


Some brands recommend taking pre workout/bed. I don't know if the dosages are haved but I do know it's supposed to help. Besides thats where you drain most of your minerals is during workouts...however I don't know how good B6 is before a workout might make one drowsy.


Unbelievable,same thing here!
Just started back on one week ago and have been waking up with violent dreams each night.
Very odd for me as I usually don't remember my dreams.


I get occasional nightmares from it but still, overall, rate it highly. I definitely get a T-boost from it. Let's just say little deanosumo 'stands up' for ZMA.


I take 3 capsules right before I lay down to go to sleep. I find that I have almost always had very vivid dreams since I started (I also used to NEVER remember dreaming at all), but I also find that when I wake up, it is like I am snapping wide awake almost instantly. I used to lay there in a fog for like 10 minutes, but since I started taking ZMA, I feel wide awake from the minute I open my eyes.


I also experience very vivid dreams, very life-like. I do definitely experience nigthmares, but all in all it's good stuff, and very worth it.


Why would you want to take it in the daytime? The whole point is to support nighttime testosterone regeneration, which happens while you sleep. It may be useful immediately after a workout to replace lost minerals but I can't imagine it would be good prior to a workout.


I take it late evening (a few hours before bed) and see noticable energy the next day. For some odd reason, taking it right before bed gives me a wicked stomachache in the morning.

The vivid dreams are bizzare. I have noticed this as well. I can't imagine how this works.


I love being able to sleep so deep that I have those dreams. One of the fringe benefits of ZMA for me.


Remember to avoid Calcium guys. If any of you take cc or anything casein pre-bedtime remember to take the ZMA about 30-45 mins prior to that last meal/bed. Calcium and magnesium fight fiercly for absorbtion.


I agree that ZMA allows me to "snap" out of a deep sleep allowing me to get moving pretty damn fast in the early AM.

As far as nightmares they come and go , sometimes severe. BUT if I watch about 5 minutes of porn before bed , ZMA can aid to some sweet dreams!

I mean that in the most non offensive manner possible...


Calcium interferes with Zinc absoroption and thats the biggest reason to avoid calcium near ZMA. But also it interferes with Mag as well to a lesser extent.

Just taking Mag Oxide before bed can give vivid dreams, but ZMA is the best stuff. Its definetly the magnesium that does it, obviously its well absorbed in ZMA.

Just the other night I was I was being chased by this girl band over here called Girls Aloud, it was kinky, but scary. When they caught me, they wanted it rough. Kind of an erotic nightmare.


Hmm, did'nt know about the Zinc, thanks for the info.


All these nightmare things are making me nervous lol.

Although I've heard zma sups are all the same, what is the most popular brand?


I had a dream a few nights ago where I made a deal with Freddy Kruger to find all the teenagers so he could kill them. I double crossed him at the first one though, I was packing my chef's knife and ow3nd his ass with it. At one point I dropped it and he came at me with is razor hand, but I grabbed his arm with one hand and his throat with the other and power cleaned his ass into the wall. Man I was a badass.


Had one where couldn't get near my house because crocodiles were all over the place. Had this gun and was shooting them. Bizaar, but the action packed weird dreams I've had on this stuff is unreal.


I don't have nightmares from taking ZMA. I just have really vivid dreams that I guess are the result of the deep sleep it helps me get.