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ZMA Dose Cycling?

Disclaimer: neither a nutritionist nor highly engaged in reading about the effects of minerals and such on the human body.

So I’ve been taking ZMA for a year or so. Have always taken the usual dosage (3 pills, 100% of daily value). Like most, I had very vivid dreams when I first started taking it before sleep, but I haven’t had those in a while.

I remember I also had night sweats when I first started taking it (…or at least, I would wake up sweating my balls off). I guess that, like most people, I took that as a sign of the ZMA having an “effect” on my system.

Just as an experiment, the other day I upped the dosage to 5 pills (166% of daily values). Started having the reactions I had when I first started taking ZMA. Am thinking about continuing to take this increased dose for a few weeks.

Got me thinking: presumably it’s not good idea to just keep escalating the dosage. You would get to the point where you would be taking more than the body can utilize and may even cause problems. But what about cycling the stuff? I’m thinking like maybe 2 weeks of normal dosage, 2 weeks of double dose.

When you say you are taking 100% of your daily value is that the Governments RDA% for Zinc and Magnesium?
I though ZMA dosages intended for athletes were supposed to far exceed those normal recommended doses?

I took ZMA for the first time last night and it contained:
Zinc 50mg
Mg 400mg
B6 22.5mg
They are all above the ‘recommended’ dosages and I felt none of the ‘side affects’ you mention.

Post up the nutritional profile of the ZMA