ZMA Dosages?

How much ZMA (or rather each of the ingredients, because each brand is different) should I get each day and when should I take it? I know that the dosages on the bottle aren’t always the way to go. Also, do you guys think this is a good supplement or just a waste of money?

If it has any form of calcium in the ‘other ingredients’ portion of the label, it’s a waste of money.

Otherwise, it may be the best investment you can make, supplement-wise.

Unless you want to invest on American Airlines, which if you did back in April when each share was 1.05, you’d have made a profit of 1400% today but oh well, you live and learn.

If you plan to supplement with ZMA, should you not take a multi-vitamin that has zinc and/or magnesium?

Just wondering if it would be too much.