ZMA & DHEA Not Helping Sleep, but Clomid Did?

When I started my testosterone therapy, I was started out on Clomid, DHEA at night, among some other over the counter vitamin supplements. I began getting INCREDIBLE sleep. Deep sleep, sweet dreams, awake incredibly refreshed. I thought it was the DHEA doing this for me. The clomid was making my SHBG go crazy high, so I was taken off the clomid. Since being taken off that, I definitely have not been getting the same sleep. I never remember my dreams, and I often wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep. I currently take ZMA & DHEA, but that doesn’t seem to help.

When I shared with my doctor that I was taking cytomel BEFORE bed, as some reading suggested there was better absorption with this, the doctor said that is what is probably keeping me up, and told me to switch to AM & Afternoon cytomel dosing. However, this change has not changed anything in my sleep patern.

Was clomid the thing that was helping my sleep so dramatically? I’m not going back on clomid, but would like to restore the incredible sleep I was getting. Is there any other supplementation that would support this?

Are you on testosterone currently?

No. The doctor says that may be the next step, in a couple months. Currently in the family planning stage, and holding off for that reason. Currently on stuff to attempt to lower SHBG to free up more free testosterone and estrogen (which is also quite low)

If you find something other than T that actually works (enough to matter) that would be amazing.

DHEA energizes me a lot, I could not take it before bed and sleep.
You can try melatonin, start 1-3mg. Also you can try more potent form of magnesium like bisglycinate or l-threonate.
Another thing that works awesome is pearl powder.