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ZMA & Creatine

I have been doing research and I am thinking about taking ZMA. I am currently cycling creatine, and I was wondering if taking ZMA and creatine at the same time would be counterproductive. Creatine retains water and ZMA decreases water retention.

Those are side-effects, not desired reactions, so who cares if one retains and the other doesn’t.

I’m sure Cy will come up with some scientific cell-receptor mumbo-jumbo, and it will be educational, as always.

But, the ZMA and creatine are completely unrelated, and can easily be taken together.

However, ZMA is best taken before bed, and if it’s a workout day, creatine should definitely be taken directly after your workout. Waiting until bed time will reduce the benefits of taking creatine on a workout day.

Of course, closely related is that you should be taking a highly glycemic PWO drink, like Surge, and putting your creatine in that. The insulin spike will deliver the creatine into your muscles, along with the other stuff in Surge, aminos and protein, when your body can absorb it best.

This information is all on this site. I suggest doing a lot of reading. There’s a ton of great info here.

Thanks for the reply. I knew about everything you stated in there I just thought it was interesting that one retained water and one decreased the retention. Thanks again.