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ZMA At 19?

I’m 19 with normal T-levels as far as I know. Would taking ZMA hurt my seemingly still growing T? What about other side-effects?

ZMA won’t do too much for your T-levels unless you are mineral deficient…Saying this they help get deeper sleep and this is always a benefit for growth, so go ahead and use them they are cheap and effective…


You’ll be fine. Hard training people tend to be deficient in zinc, which leads to lower T-levels. So if you happen to be low in zinc, then you may notice an increase in T.

But, even if you aren’t low in zinc, it won’t negatively affect your T-levels, and the quality of your sleep your improve.

It’s a great supp for 9 bucks.

thanks guys, just got myself a bottle.

if I stumble upon some crazy info about how it’ll mess me all up, I’ll just stop taking it. it’s only 9 bucks, so what the hell.

I wish I had been taking ZMA from the age of 15… Daily Doubles and months long (if not year round) training have a way of kicking your ass!!