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ZMA and when to take it


I've noticed that when I take ZMA, I wake up a few hours before I want to (wake up after ~5hrs of sleep) which obviously sucks for my hormones and makes me less productive in the day. Would it be O.K. to take ZMA throughout the day when i'm on an empty stomach (~2 hrs after a meal)???


Before you discontinue taking ZMA before bed, are you sure that it is the cause? By that I mean are there any factors to be considered (new job, taking a protein shake before bed causing bathroom run, etc.) Not trying to be an ass or anything, just asking.

Otherwise, you could try spliting your zinc and magnesium intake into two. Zinc in the morning and Magnesium at night. I remember this being suggested by Thibs and I THINK Poliquin as well.


Just take your ZMA earlier in the day if you find it causes sleep interruptions.

You will still get all the benefit as the minerals will still be in your system by the time you go to bed.


I've noticed similar problems, i wake up having to piss a lot earlier/more often


I had similar issues so I just reduced my dose. Supposed to take 3 caps an hour before bed, now I take only 2. Seems to have fixed the problem. Now I fall asleep fine and sleep deep without having to wake up to piss at until my alarm goes off.



The trouble in sleeping emerged when I started taking the ZMA pills and stopped when I stopped taking them b4 bed. I definitely see where there could be other factors causing my pre-mature wake up, but from personal experience I don't think so.

I guess i'll spread out my ZMA intake throughout the day


So, does ZMA also help you sleep deeper when you take it throughout the day??


^^ good call. i take the "women's dose" on most nights. if i have nothing to do the next morning (usually 1-2 days/wk) i go down to 1 or 0, then if i feel like i need a big night sleep i go for 3. 3 everyday was causing too many problems for me.


Wow. I've never had an issue with LOSS of sleep with ZMA. Didn't realize it could affect somebody in that manner. It puts my lights out for 8 hrs. The only negative I've had, if you even want to label it like that, is the bat-shit crazy dreams!