ZMA and Weight Gainer?

Hey guys, I just wanted to get your advice on these two products I will be using. I am going to use a weight gainer protein powder which contains 15 mg of zinc, 140mg of Magnesium and 5 mg of vitamin B6. Now I know ZMA contains the same ingredients so my question is, is it safe to use them both daily? BTW I maybe consuming up to 2 protein shakes a day.

You’ll be fine.
However, you should do some research on weight gainers, they’re not all they’re promised to be.
Search the topic and find out more for yourself.

Yeah man weight gainers use very low quality proteins with tremendous ammounts of carbs (with trace ammounts of fiber). Dont worry about stopping the ZMA just take it before you go to bed.

I would go so far as to say you’re not even getting much of that zinc and magnesium because of all the calcium found in your typical protein shake.