ZMA and waking up

I’ve been supplementing with ZMA in the evening for the past few weeks.

I’ve noticed recovery between workouts is quicker but if I was not a morning person before I’m DEFINITELY not one now.

I’m slower getting up and generally groggy/irritable even though I’m generally a fairly easy-going person. Later in the day I’m more energetic but it takes me some time to “get going”

My only explanation is I’m coming off of a deeper sleep.

Has anyone experienced similar and are there any ways to mitigate this?
Taking the supplement earlier in the day? I usually take shortly before going to bed.
More caffeine in the morning?

How much do you take? What I’ve got recommends 3 tablets but I find I’m better with it if I just take the one or two. With the usual dose I’d get similar experiences to you… either wake up too early feeling super ready to hit the day but on less sleep, or get more sleep and feel super groggy.


I think taking it earlier is a good idea.

Maybe 60-90 minutes before bed, so the deeper sleep hits you faster.


The package says to take 3 capsules but I’ll try taking 2 like you’d suggested.

Thank you!

Will try this as well - thanks!

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I never thought of this and don’t know why. I’ll end up just cycling off for awhile when I start waking up early rather than lowering the dose. I feel dumb

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Thanks again for the suggestion - been taking 2 capsules and seems to be the sweet spot

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Will try to keep this in mind, kind of a crazy week and ended up taking it right before bed a few days

“oh right… the ZMA…”

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Pre bed rituals with complex timing can be no fun.

Maybe you were right all along, and just taking it way earlier in the day will work better for you.

I searched around and some coaches say to take magnesium post workout. And for “general health” any time of day is OK. So you’ re not crazy.

Apparently splitting the dose, some post workout and some pre bed is OK too.

If you need more info check out the article “Magnesium-which type should you choose” on the Thibarmy site. It says there are 6-7 different types of magnesium, and you can use different forms at different times for different benefits.