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ZMA And Surge Workout Fuel


Just a quick question is it safe to use both ZMA and Surge workout fuel in the same day? The reason I ask is I have heard that ZMA gives you 100% zinc magnesium and vitamin b6 and I wasn't sure if you could overdose so if anyone knows let me know thanks.


it's safe. any extra will be excreted.


A weightlifter's zinc (and all minerals for that matter) requirements are much higher than the RDI. You'll use it or sweat it or pee it - still, you need more.


You might want to watch your protein intake, you may be exceeding your RDI by a rather large factor...


Thanks guys from what you've said I will try it as soon as I order Surge Workout Fuel assuming you guys recommend both of these sups, also sorry for asking may be a stupid question but what is RDI


Recommended Daily Intake


RDI = recommended daily intake
RDA = recommended daily allowance


Got it thanks


actually, zinc can become toxic in the body.


so is it a good idea or not? should I use Surge Recovery instead or does recovery also have zinc or magnesium


It's true that too much zinc isn't a good thing, but there's no problem with using these products together.

I've been doing it since Surge Workout Fuel was released.


Would it be better to use Surge Recovery other then ZMA or should I stick with ZMA since It's much cheaper thanks for the advice so far.