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ZMA And Steroids


Will it be a waste of time for me to take my ZMA while on my cycle since my natural production is going to be shut down anyways and just throw it in with the PCT, or will it still be worth my while?



What do you think ZMA is going to do for you?


So I can get crazy ripped man, i heard that ZMA stuff is better than d-bol! And I know its gotta be true cause BALCO invented it and bonds and romo are freakin huge!! (if you treat me like an idiot ill answer like one)

Actually To help aid my hormone production and recovery, hence the question.


It won't make a difference at all. Zinc and Magnesium have nothing to do with re-starting your hpta.


Before answering like a smart ass, you might have checked what ZMA does.

It helps you sleep. It has fuck all to do with restoring your hormone levels.

I think you meant Alpha Male in order to increase your natural test production. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, a chance to say "actually, you're right. I meant Alpha Male" and you treat me like a fucking moron?

Nice work. Don't you look like a grade one dickhead now?


To give a practical answer:

ZMA is dirt-cheap. Where is the problem, take it. Definitely won?t harm you.


massif stop acting like a ten year old. zma might help "you" sleep but i dont know if zinc really puts the rest of us to sleep.
Anyways you may want to ask some people about taking flaxseed. I have heard some great things about it.


It helps me sleep too, has anyone else experienced this nasty side effect? ZMA does boost your natural test levels too.


You're right. I was being juvenile. I apologise.

The majority of people ask about Alpha Male to help increase their natural testosterone production as part of PCT. When Dean was asking about about "his natural prodution being shut down", I assumed he was looking for a natural test booster, with Alpha Male being the logical choice. I have never heard anyone using ZMA for this reason which was why I asked a simple question.

I asked a civil question, and I expected a civil answer. I guess it caught me off guard.


I could see where one might get the idea it helps restore your natty T levels. I remember it being marketed awhile back something like "Increases testosterone 300%". In actuality all it does it help with sleep, like it was said it does nothing for your htpa. It is cheap though and seems to work for me to an extent.


Before you start calling me a smart ass you should read my damn post. Did i say anything about restoring, no i didnt, i said aid. And recovery of muscle not your hormone levels. Maybe you should do some research into what it was designed for. If you think it was designed as strictly a sleep aid then you dont know what your talking about anyways(there were ZMA supplements long before Biotest's).

Anything you put into your body has either a positive or negative side effect on all aspects of your health, including hormone levels. Hence if someone has vitamin or mineral deficiences their body isnt going to be up to par on hormone production. So since i am almost gauranteed to be deficient in zinc and magnesuium, supplementing it goes along with this same principle. But since my natural production is going to be basically shut down anyways should i just hold off on my 16 bucks. Kind of a redundant question, yes. But i dont think a stupid one.


do i smell roid rage.... just kidding!


LOL...Touschee my friend touschee


Mate, me calling you a smart ass had nothing to do with your original question, it had to do with your smart ass Balco remarks. I never said your question was stupid. I was genuinely curious as to what you thought ZMA (basically a multivitamin) was going to do for your production and recovery.

Most questions to do with supplements and roids are based around M for estrogen blocking and Alpha Male for the reasons listed above. The only thing I've ever heard ZMA being used for is aiding sleep. Every Waterbury says in his last two articles "If sleep is a problem, you need ZMA", or words to that effect.

So, if they are your reasons for wanting to take it, take the damn thing. The magnesium will be good for CNS recovery at the very least. The roids should be all you need for muscle recovery.

Anyway, take some and get a good night's sleep. You'll be less crabby in the morning.


zinc, magnesium and b6 help the prostate but im not sure it will aid you much at all. (I have read this at least) steroid.com check the supplement profiles. hope that helps