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ZMA and Restless Leg Syndrome


Hello All,
I hope that Cy or someone in the knowTakes the time to read this.

My wife has suffered for years from something called "Restless Leg Syndrome." The basic symptoms is that she feels like spiders are crawling up and down the inside of her legs and they eventually either spasm involuntarily or she has to get up and walk. When it gets really bad, she even feels it in her arms. It can be pretty awful when a mother of five children cannot get to sleep when she is exhausted.

A few years ago our midwife suggested she take Magnesium (it always gets worse when she is pregnant. It helped a little, but nothing too significant.

Anyway, a few months back it was bugging her and I suggested she try taking some ZMA. It stopeed dead 20 minutes later. In fact, ZMA ALWAYS STOPS IT. This has been an incredible blessing to us, as we have been looking for a solution to this problem for YEARS.

I wanted to thank you for this first and foremost. Second, I was wondering if there would be some way to market this to others who suffer from this syndrome. Some way to let them know it exists and works.

Thanks again



I'm not Cy, but I would have to imagine there would be some liability for Biotest to suggest that ZMA helps prevent RLS. Also- don't you have a doctor? They have plenty of effective meds now for RLS, and have for a while.

I'm glad ZMA is helping her, but she could have gotten relief a long time ago. My dad has RLS and has forever, at least since I was in college. He's been on something, no idea what it's called, for a few years and it really helps him.


Folic acid helps with restless leg as well. She may want to increase intake of that as well.


My wife has talked with several doctors about it, and I believe the issue has been that she has been pregnant or nursing. One of them didn't like the medication, though that was several years ago. In addition, I'd always rather take something other than a perscription drug if possible.

Though you are probably right about the liability issues. We are just so thrilled to have found something :).



Yes, we had tried that once. It didn't help the way ZMA does. Thanks for the suggestion though!



ZMA did not help my RLS, That being said there are many different causes for rls like symptoms. Who knows why it helped....


Pregnancy is a fairly common cause of RLS howver it normally subsides after birth..Glad ZMA works for her, most of us with RLS have tried most of the natural routes and failed, so it always good to hear of someone with success.


Wow, I never realized this RLS was actually a problem - thought it was just my imagination working overtime.

I've had this a few times - but only once did it keep me up for about an hour and becamse rather annoying.

Anyone know what the causes of this are? I read that one could be a pinched nerve in the lower back, but could certain exercises cause this, such as deadlifting?

What I found:

? RLS may be associated with nerve damage in the legs due to diabetes, kidney problems or alcoholism.
? RLS can be a side effect of a pinched nerve root from arthritis in the lower back (sciatica).
? RLS may be inherited.
? Stress, diet or other environmental factors may play a role in RLS.
? Pregnancy or hormonal changes may temporarily worsen RLS symptoms.


The most common causes are pregnancy, spinal\brain injury, iron deficiency(also iron binding probs in the brain), pernacious enemia (lack of B12 or inability to absorb it in the intestine) Heredity, happens after spinal surgery frequently..sorry about the spelling, have not had good sleep in a while ; )
It's a complicated disorder and still not a lot is known about it.


Glad to hear it, Jesus_Freak!

There is actually some evidence (albeit limited) that magnesium (like that in ZMA) can improve symptoms of those with moderate RLS as well as symptoms in pregnancy which resemble RLS.

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Just thought I'm chime in to let you know that what your wife experienced isn't completely unheard of but yes, that ZMA or any dietary supplement is not intended to treat or cure any disease or disorder.


Always good to see you drop in Cy.