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ZMA and Psyllium Husk?

Hey just wondering if taking Psyllium Husk and ZMA together would cause any absorption issues because of the fiber content of the psyllium? I just started taking ZMA before going to bed but i also take psyllium capsules before bed as well to stay regular.

I do that, can’t imagine there’d be any problems

just take the ZMA 30-40 minutes before bed, and take the fiber 5 minutes before bed.

Shift your psyillium husk intake to a different time

If you want to stay regular, double your ZMA dose like Dan John suggested in his last article on here. Work up to that slowly though because you will for sure be sprinting to the toilet the next day otherwise.

K thanks, i think ill go with the recommendation of ZMA 30-40 min. pre-Bed and the the psyllium 5 mi. before bed and see how that goes, if it doesnt work then ill go with the Dan John idea.

I really don’t see how having the two together would cause any problem…