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ZMA and Protein Before Bed



How do y'all time your bedtime protein shake and your ZMA? We are supposed to take ZMA on an empty stomach before bed, but we are also supposed to take a protein shake before bed.



I try to take the pills 1/2 hr or so before I have my shake. When I forget to do this I generally just take the pills with my shake. I would suggest you try the former, but if you forget like I do sometimes, the latter should be fine.


I drink my protein about an hour before bed and take ZMA right before I go to sleep.

Whey can take up to 4 hours to digest and I heard something like up to 7 or 8 hours for casein protein, so there isn't realy a need to have it right before you sleep.

I split up the two because there is a lot of calcium in Grow! and I don't want to take ZMA with any calcium because they 'fight' for absorbtion.


I do just what DK. Oh, and I'm glad to see someone else who knows how to properly use "former" and "latter"


When I don't have any casein protein I use whey right before bed.If you mix it with some skim milk or almond milk it will slow down the digestion.


would DHB help absorbtion of ZMA??? I had the same problem of when to take it. so I just dropped it.


I take my ZMA 1 hr before bed, after my last low-calcium meal, giving it time to be absorbed before the calcium influx with my pre-bed protein shake.

(...and sorry to hijack, but how else are the words "former" and "latter" ever used??)