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ZMA and its Benefits


What do you guys think of it? I'm debating whether to make it a regular supplement. Although the vivid dreams are bit weird sometimes, it seems that it may be helpful if the acclaimed benefits are real.


I love it. That and protein are staples in my supplementation. Even if it doesn’t boost testosterone it definitely improves sleep which will in turn boost test… And I believe it aids in my recovery times.


I take it for sleep, works great for me. Relatively cheap too.


Magnesium is commonly lacking in the diet and imbalances with calcium can have numerous implications. Lack of ATP, restlessness, poor sleep, insulin insensitivity, calcification of places not supposed to be calcified, among others. Zinc consumption is also often inadequate to maintain ideal level for optimal hormone profile and immunity. b6 aids in absorption. as does boron and D3 (which needs to be balanced with K2 and preformed vitamin A). Sulfate is another related one that can help you to process calcium more efficiently.


a must have. Fish oil, vitamin D, ZMA


to bulletproof and yogi, would you guys care to explain why you would prefer ZMA over Elitepro?

Also I assume you guys follow the directions in taking them an hour before bed?
Do you take the supplement with anything else?

So I guess part 1 is why ZMA, and part 2 is what is your nighttime supplement routine


Thanks for the info guys, I’ll be keeping ZMA in hand then.


I take it sometimes when I feel I need some extra sleep or if I have been doing extra work in he gym and feeling a run-down.

I think ti does help, although I don think there have been many favourable studies in favour for ZMA supplementation.



[quote]Phoenix44e wrote:
to bulletproof and yogi, would you guys care to explain why you would prefer ZMA over Elitepro?
Elitepro has selenium which is a nice addition. I don’t have as much stock in vanadium and or chromium. B6 helps with absorption, so Elitepro should have some b6 IMO. If Elitepro had less zinc, and added b6, boron, iodine and sulfate, i’d buy it. For sleep, Z-12 did wonders my first go round (2 bottles). The 2nd two bottles produced far less noticeable results.

(sulfate and magnesium help to remove calcification throughout the body)


I buy ZMA instead of elitepro because nowhere round here sells elitepro! Haha

The ZMA I buy has iodine and b6 in it