ZMA and High Protein Snack Before Bed?

Hi, I have been having some sleep issues off and on over the last few weeks so I have been thinking about trying ZMA. I read that it is best to take it 45 minutes to an hour before bed on an empty stomach. I usually have a protein shake or other high protein snack before bed so I am wondering if I would take the ZMA one hour before I have that snack, then hit the sack?

One other note, before bed I usually use casein protein, should I be worried about the amount of calcium?


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Maybe try improve sleep hygiene first before downing every supplement you can think of. Supplements are just that supplements for sleep to improve quality or help in tough times not make up for poor habits

Not much research on ZMA but most conclude that “results indicate that ZMA supplementation during training does not appear to enhance training adaptations in resistance trained populations.”

Victor Conte was directly involved in the single study that supports ZMA. He holds the registered trademark for the original formula of ZMA, and his company funded the research, contrary to the best-practices in scientific research that avoids conflicts-of-interest. Dude’s a felon (conspiracy to distribute steroids and money laundering).

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Thanks very much for this response, good information. I have been experimenting with pillows and temperature settings already, I have always been a notoriously irregular sleeper, I toss and turn a lot, it takes me a very long time to fall asleep most nights. Then I go a few days where I sleep great and I can’t really see any reason for it… was looking for another thing to try :slight_smile:

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You seem well informed,

Funny you say this because I heard someone knowledgeable years ago say that the science behind ZMA wasnt that solid. Never heard anything about it again after

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I don’t know much. Just good at using google, detecting bullshit and paraphrasing smarter people.

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What works for some may not work for others.

I have been taking ZMA for many years. Works for me; Science or not.

3 hours of sleep on ZMA feels better than 6 hours without because I will toss and turn for those 6 hours.

My sleeping ability sucks. ZMA has helped me tremendously.

ZMA is cheap. Try a bottle and see if it works for you. That is the only way you will find out.


Interestingly Patrick Arnold still rates ZMA as a worthwhile supplement and, despite what you think of the guy, he knows his stuff. Personally, I think like many things in life, better branded stuff, e.g a glycinate, does a better job than most of the crap on the shelves.

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