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ZMA and dreams

I recently changed one single thing in my day to day life. I went from taking 3 ZMA to 4. The result is my waking up remebering many more dreams, sometimes I wake up feeling like I just stepped out of a movie. On top of this my girl friend has told me every morning this week since I started taking 4 ZMA that I have been talking in my sleep and saying things as if I am very serious about them. Crazy huh? Has anyone else had this happen??? I am not complaining, I took 4 tonight also, but there has got to be something to this. I think I will continue this dose and see if this is temporary or what?

I wouldn’t take more than 30mg of zinc per day in supplemental form, it will deplete your copper levels.

Welcome to my world! I don’t even have to take ZMA and I have vivid dreams everytime I fall asleep. I don’t know about talking though since I don’t have a girlfriend to sleep with, yet. Ain’t it fun?

debo: Can you back that up or are you just regurgitating something you heard somewhere?

Last night was the second night in a row that I have taken ZMA in a while, and I had the wierdest dreams, and I remmeber 3 of them, and my roomate told me this morning that I was talking in my sleep, wierd stuff nevertheless.

keep up with the ZMA and get some rest 'cause the countdown begins for our training for next year’s Omari. : )In faith, Coach Davies

The more the merrier! sniff sniff, is that one bleeding??? rrrrrrr Funny enough, I only think about dominating my competition when I take my first waking breath just before dawn. Then I think about Java Point Dawn Patrol. They fall like dominos after that.

I’ve had nightmares bad enough to cause me to lose sleep. I got 4 bottles of the Twinlab version for $3 each on clearance and had to give them away.

don’t even mention Java Point right now but hey the countdown begins and we have to get out to see the nations toughest S play too.In faith, Coach Davies

If I’m not mistaken, ZMA has a lot of vitamin b6 in it. I know b vitamins can act as co-factors in the creation of neurotransmitters in your brian. This could be the reason you’ve been getting vivd dreams.

Dr Michael Colgan’s book Optimum Sports Nutrition.

I haven’t noticed the dreams on ZMA that everyone talks about, but last night my girlfriend told me that for the last month (about when I started taking it) I hug/touch her in my sleep, which she says I never used to do. I love ZMA, it makes me score points even in my sleep!

BTW, I’ve been taking Cyclodyne Z-Mass (the chewable things), but I don’t really like them as they taste like chalk.

Thanks for posting this message since I have been too lazy to the last month or so since I have been taking it and I have been curious to see if it affected anyone else similarly. I have had the most vivid dreams ever while on ZMA. I almost always remember them now, and they seem more life-like than before. Any nightmares I have are really intense, and almost always involve something that I saw/experienced within the last hour or so before bed. ZMA kicks ass.

Another way to get the same effect is to keep a dream journal. Even if you only write down snippets for the first couple days, you’ll start waking up with tons of dreams still fresh in your mind. Another technique (no lie) is to read a book about dreams. All the sudden, you’ll notice you remember many more dreams since you’re giving them conscious attention.

Coach, I knew that Java Point was kind of a low blow. Thanks Nephorn I will put a pad next to the bed tonight and log it starting tommarrow morning. I’ll let you know.