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Hey, I've been lifting about 2 years, and am pretty well read, although not really around these forums. After some recent injury, im going back into a TT/full body type program with lots of cardio training as well.

Just looking for any personal opinions/results for ZMA and/or DHEA. Im thinking of taking both in the following cycle to help maintain muscle mass, maybe improve it, any insight?


Here's a good thread on ZMA, that was started recently:


Also, I wouldn't recommend DHEA for a number of reasons (you can run a search here and find plenty). However, if you're looking for a quality T-booster, check up on Alpha Male.


DHEA don't work so save your money!

ZMA is great especially in these hot months. I take it on an empty stomach about a half hour BEFORE i workout, unlike others who take it before bedtime, because it wakes me up (if you know what i mean!). I ONLY take it on workout days & use a good multivitamin after my workouts.

Do not take it with calcium containing foods because it blocks absorbsion. Also, even though it works great, be careful about taking too much or for extended periods of time cause it can cause mineral/electrolyte imbalances (cramps/spasms).


Kickboxer is correct, Mg is an electrolyte and taking a large dose could potentially cause muscle cramping, amongst other side effects. This is why one should stick to the recommended dosage. In terms of long term use, however, at the recommended dosage, such side effects shouldn't be an issue. The amount in a serving is just slightly over the RDA.


Sounds good, ZMA it is. But I dont think im up for coughing over the money on Alpha Male yet.


I know it says to take about 45-1 hr before bed...but I drink Grow! in that time and Im hearing the "effects" of the ZMA are diminished if you have calcium with it. I drink Grow! with 1% milk..how should I time it to be effective.



This has been coverd a few hundred times. I would venture to guess at least a few times on the product thread.

Take it 30 mins or so prior to your bed time meal.

Not to be an a#*, but...

Hope that helps,



Take your ZMA 45-60 min prior to your Grow! and that should be fine.


Yeah my fault, Im at work and actually read the answer in another post after I posted...

Thanks Cy.