Zma and Designer Protein

Hey again guys,sorry to post another message but i just bought this type of protein from “designer protein” …its an american brand so a few of you guys might know it.
It has something called ZMAX in it (zinc arspatate and magnesium arspatate and oxide) and i was wondering if any of you guys might know if it is as effective as ZMA…i ask this because i was going to purchase ZMA to help increase my T levels.

It’s my understanding that ZMA should only be taken by itself on an empty stomach. Not sure why these companies are tossing it in protein powders and MRPs (Twinlab). Label appeal I guess. It’s good stuff, but take it by itself.

You’ll notice the label of almost every ZMA supplement says that you should avoid taking it with any supplements containing calcium. According to the label, each serving of Designer Protein that contains 17.5 grams of protein also contains 100mg of calcium. Most people are going to take 2-3 servings at a time. Seems like yet another company that is jumping on a marketing bandwagon without actually using common sense in the development stage.