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ZMA and calcium

Is it the zinc or the magnesium that doesn’t absorb well with calcium? My brother is taking a magnesium/calcium supplement and I could have sworn that those two don’t do well together.

It’s the zinc.

Calcium binds with magnesium. Take calcium in the morning and ZMA at night.

Both are contraindicated with calcium. a cal/mag supplement will usually see calcium winning that battle. look for magnesium citrate without calcium, but also check under other ingredients since most companies use dicalcium phosphate as a filler for the tablets

Actually, after re-reading the T-Mag interview with Victor Conte, calcium interferes with BOTH zinc and magnesium absorption. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys, I actually (with furhter searching) found the info by Victor Conte and answered my brother’s question. He’s not a body builder, more like a half hearted health enthusiast (is that an oxymoron?). He is confused about health and is swayed by infomercials (bought the electrical stimulation ab thingy)and his favorite protein? You guessed it - soy. He wants to look perfect, but doesn’t want to work for it. I guess all in all he’s an average american. Maybe some day he’ll take all my advice instead of picking and choosing.