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ZMA and Calcium

I was wondering, does anybody know why ZMA products say not to take ZMA with calium products?

Calcium interferes with the absorbtion of zma

Calcium significantly reduces the absorption of both zinc and magnesium.

Because calcium affects(decreases) the absorption rate of zinc and magnesium, which would render the ZMA product a lot less usefull.
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If calcium is present, zinc absorbtion will be blocked. Take it on an empty stomatch about an hr. before bedtime.


calcium only inhibits the absorbtion of zinc when in large doses (>1000mg) and in hte presence of PHYTATE!!!

They will compete in much of an olympic styles fashion for the receptor sites, jkust thought id give u the WHOLE pic…


If it’s unavaoidable (forgetfullness), is it OK to take ZMA if not on an empty stomach if the meal does not contain calcuim?