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I have gynecomastia and have been taking ZMA for about two months now. I have had Gyno since I was a kid. Will ZMA add to the effects of the gyno or have no effect at all? I know ZMA reportedly incraeases testosterone, but does it increase estrogen also? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

ZMA, which is zinc and magnesium, will bring your T levels up to normal if they’re not normal because of a diet definciency. No risk of gyno. Alot of people take it every night just for the good night’s sleep it gives. No need to worry.

Don’t sweat it, you’re fine. If you want to get rid of your gyno, however, I’ve read a few studies on nolvadex and it would seem as though it might be an effective, non-surgical means of getting rid of it.

more importantly, what are you doing to fix the problem?

I’m not really quite sure what to do to get rid of it. I’m dieting and attempting to lose weight, but during a recent visit with a doctor he told me there was no real way to get rid of the entire breast tissue without surgery. I may be able to use some kind of medication, but is there anything i CAN do other than surgery and prescription meds?

No, I;m not quite sure what I can do about it. I am obviously attempting to cut body fat, but other than that, prescription meds and surgery I don’t know of anything to do. Any suggestions? I had a physical the other day and the doc said there wasnt anything I could specifically do…

hes right, other than surgery there is no way to get rid of it. however im pretty sure that with some anti-e’s such as clomid and or nolvadex you may be able to reduce the problem.

you might want to repost this question on the steroid forum.

i doubt that ZMA will affect gyno any - it really is used to up T-levels in anyone who is zinc deficient. as for alternate routes to get rid of the extra tissue, see how low you can get your body fat percentage and determine whether or not its having a positive effect. if its a matter of genetics and is relatively independent of body fat percentage, you may need to go under the knife to remove extra tissue. but go the gym route/body fat loss first - if you really have to have surgery in the end, you’ve definitely built a body worth showing from under an unfortunate but transformable condition.

Isn’t too much zinc consumption especially if you are not deficient lead to future health complications?

read the “anyone here living with gyno?” thread posted a few months back, supposedly Skulpt by ergopharm is supposed to reduce gyno. i’ve had gynon since i was about 14 but for some reason its been fading in the past few months, and i’ve been using skulpt for a week now and it takes alot of the puffiness of the nipple away (also burns like a bitch). good luck

oh yeah, i’ve also been taking zma for a few months now and even used 4adec double dosed for 4 weeks a few months back and it didn’t do anything bad to my titties