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ZMA & 20-Hydroxyecdysone

Okay kind of a dumb question but are ZMA’s all the same??? Right now I’m taking Z-Mass from CYtodyne - its seems to be the only one that is different from the other ZMA’s. It cost more, so I bought the stuff. What the hell is 20-Hydroxyecdysone??? Z-Mass has it as a part of its formula. Is 20-Hydroxyecdysone worth the extra bucks or am I getting taken by slick marketing??? Is 20-Hydroxyecdysone even benificial to recovery during sleep. Can someone put my confusion to an end. -> PLEASE!!


Hey, bear. 20-hydroecdysone is a new supplement going by a couple of different names. I’ve read a little about it and can’t find much factual info w/ regaurds to humans. run a search for Zebutol and you’ll find more info than you can sort through on this stuff.