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Hey guys I know how immportant zinc is and how most athletes are deficient in zinc so I got some.

Eack capsule is 50 mg. How many of these do you think I should take a day?
And should a zinc supplement be taken on a empty stomach?



I use ZMA, which supplies 30 mg a day.
The zinc in ZMA has a high bioavailability.


there's some powdered zinc test that you can find, and if you can't taste it, you're difficient in Zinc. Use the stuff weekly and up the dose you take until you can taste it.


Dont overdo it take 15mg a day, but don't mess with your mineral balance. I'm talking from experience i i used to take up to 150mg a day and it lead to mental ill health. Thats not to say it will for you, but be careful. A proper diet doesn't need supplements. Personally its not worth the risk. Saying that i reguarly take german creatine (the best stuff) and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Forget the cheaper stuff as only the german stuff is properly tested and will yeild better results. The purer the better. Anyway zinc it sucks. Great for energy and test levels but imbalances in the brain are very dangerous. I have a couple of years lost thanks to that imbalance and may never be the same again. Stay strong but stay healthy too.


A multi and ZMA(to help with sleep) is more than ok.


So, will only takeing 50 mg. a day be all right?

I am 16 but am trying to get as big and strong as possible for football. and with football starting, ecspecially the two a days I thought adding zinc to my supplementation would only help.



Is it all right for me to take ZMA because I'm only 16?


I can't imagine what you're talking about. I take Biotest's ZMA every night. Helps me sleep great. No signs at all of ill mental health.


So, I'm 16 would it be all right for me to take ZMA. And until I get ZMA would it be all right if I took 50 mg of zinc a day?



I don't see anything wrong with it, but I dont think it will give you the appreciable edge you are looking for. IMO. With all the drills and training you'll be doing, I think a pre/post shakes is most important for your diet.


the ZMA is only zinc, magnesium and B6. I think it will help with sleeping and recuperation. Also I agree with jdrannin1 about the pre and post workout shake.


Well thanks everybody! I have all ready got my pre, and post shakes and now I am looking for other things to help me. If anyone's got anything else to add, please do.

Thanks I appreciate it.