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Hi guys. I would like to try ZMA. I already take GNC’s Mega Men multivitamin daily which already has 50mg zinc per serving (2 tablets).

My question is would ZMA benefit me at all? Would including ZMA in my supplements lead to an overdose of zinc? What are considered toxic levels of zinc? Thanks.

While there is likely a lot of debate on this, you should generally not exceed 100 mg/day from all supplements. You could always switch to a lower dosage multi like Solotron. It’s much more cost-effective than Mega Men anyway, and if you’re a T-Mag reader your diet is likely solid as far as vit/mins go anyway. I don’t have a bottle in front of me, but I’m pretty sure that it has 15 mg. zinc. Either that or just take 1 Mega Men instead of two.

I have used ZMA and it doesn’t work. At least for me. If you wanna get a better sleep, shit do it but I would say just buy zinc and magnesium pills even if they don’t have aspartate.

the form of Zinc you are getting out of your multi is carbonate . the form that you get out of ZMA is Aspertate. they say you need the aspertate to do what you want zma to do. you should not use much more zinc than 50 to 75mg a day.

My two cents. The Biotest ZMA product did wonders for me. Raised my T levels nearly 20%. Noticeable increase in strength and definition. I am 40 so maybe that had something to do with it. The vitamin shop “ZMA” knockoff product did not have the same effect…for me.

Hmmm, U buy ZMA and u dont know if it benefits you? I wish i had that kind of money go  around and blow it on shit i have no clue what it does. But,damn it, i dont, so I have to find out what the supplement does before i buy it. I have to educate myself. Bummer. ZMA replenishes your zinc/mgnesium reserves in your body in precise ammounts which will keep your body producing healhy amounts of testosterone. whats healthy ammounts? over 30 percent more T than what your body is prolly producing now. Plus ur balls won't shrink - all that testosterone is made right down there on  your balls. Isnt it cool? as for zinc maximum intakes and toxic dosages i have no clue. send TC an email and he should let you know.

If you are already eating a reasonable
amount of red meat, say 8 ounces a day,
and especially if already consuming a zinc
supplement or other supplement products
that contain zinc, as many MRP’s and bars
do, I doubt that getting more zinc from ZMA
is going to be of benefit.

Six ounces of beef contains more than 100%
the RDA of zinc in a highly bioavailabile form. Now, athletes may need more than the
RDA, but in the above situation you’d be
getting more than the RDA already.

Where I consider ZMA particularly worthwhile is in dieting situations where other zinc supplements are not being taken.

Thanks for the input all. And it was a pleasant surprise to hear from Bill!

Okay, stupid questions (maybe) but whats the difference between ZMA and zinc? Whats zinc citrate? Is there an optimal time to be taking ones zinc? Thanks.

You can read about ZMA at www.biotestedge.com or in the interview with the guy who came up with it at T-mag. Just do a search for “Conte” at T-mag.