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Zinc vs ZMA for SLEEP?

I don’t really care for the “anabolic” effects of ZMA. (But the sleep is amazing!!) Is there any difference really, in terms of quality of SLEEP, between taking ZMA and just Zinc alone? (I’ve heard a few people say “just save your money and just get zinc” since it’s a lot cheaper). And if it’s the same, what would the dosage and timing of Zinc alone be? (same as ZMA?) What do you guys think?

Magnesium helps relax you. Not zinc.

I’ve read that it’s the combo of zinc and magnesium that does the trick…

On the same topic, I read that taking FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) may help magnesium uptake, so if you take ZMA, it might make sense to use a FOS product, or eat bunches of asparagus, onions and garlic (they have FOS in 'em).

I just started using a powdered form of the stuff twice per day…to help in my never-ending search for an end to my overpowering flatulence, among other issues “down there”…so I’ll post in a few weeks on whether-or-not it made a difference either way.

ZMA, without a doubt, is great for sleep. It’s the only reason I use the stuff, and I suffer from both insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea so this product is real big on my list of “must haves.”

Little “Dan McVicker is really rubbing off on me and I’m not too friggin happy about it” Jay.

Ahh… thanks guys!

Well, scratch that idea! Guess I’ll stick to ZMA then!! (Also, I searched around and found out homemade z/m stack isn’t as good as ‘ZMA’ products.)

Where do you get FOS products (non-foods) and how much do they help / enhance ZMA?

I’ve tried chelated zink and magnesium together and it’s done nothing for my sleep. haven’t tried zma though so I cant compare.


Here’s one source…FOS for $7.


I don’t know how great the synergistic effect is with ZMA (or if there really is one…), but I’ll let you know in a few weeks. At the least, FOS acts as a non-impact, no calorie sweetner. The bottle I got from BAC nutrition will last a loooooong time, and it was nice and cheap. I’m also hoping that it helps my GI tract “get back on track.”