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Zinc vs. calcium

We all know not to take our Zinc supplement with calcium as calcium inhibits the absorbtion of zinc.

Does anyone know the exact ratio? For example, how many mgs of calcium would inhibit the absorbtion of 30 mgs of zinc?

I thought calcium inhibted magnesium absorbtion. But if I remember correctly calcium inhibites quite a few things. Anyone remember them all? As for ratio I don’t think you could nail down a gram per gram number. Each individual will be different…also time of day,heck even time of year might effect absorbtion, what food you ate, fitness level etc. Clear as mud? Ciao. :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a theoretical ratio?

Calcium is transported through part of the gastrointestinal tract via the same carrier that transports zinc. Theoretical ratios aside, just take your calcium supplement at a different time than your zinc supplement. No need to worry about taking your ZMA with a protein shake. ZMA, if I remember correctly is best taken on an “empty” stomach; i.e., two hours after your last meal.

Sorry, but that’s the best I could come up with. There are no theoretical ratios for zinc and calcium that I could find, just ratios for calcium and magnesium, but those ratios have as much to do with cardiac function and optimal numbers for bone remodeling as anything else.

why would you take calcium with zinc if it inhibits absorption?? I am not asking sarcastically, I just figure there is a good reason, and I don’t know what it is.
everytime I take zinc I throw up, nothing else does this to me… even when I take it with food, strange. I can’t even take multivitamins that contain zinc, so I stick with Flinstones.

nevermind, I misread the post. DON’T take zinc with calcium, got it.

Dont frikin worry about it

Calcium in large quantities (>1000mg), in the presence of phytic acid/phytate will reduce zinc absorbtion.
Unless this is happening dont worry about it.
THink of tortillas made the natural way, which have high levels of calcium and phytate (from teh corn)
Pytate also reduces zinc absorption itself, research some of the african data if you want, there is lots on malawi (sp) etc from RS Gibson.

sarahm, too much zinc in some people’s diets has been known to cause severe abdominal problems and could account for your problems. Perhaps you have a sensitivity to zinc? I’d really like to know more about this. Anyone out there to elighten us?