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Zinc to Prevent Gyno?


Just came across this topic on google about taking zinc to prevent the effects of gyno. I know about novadex and clomid which I have been using and haven't had any issues, but I am just curious to know if anyone has any opinions on taking zinc or if you have any of your own experiences taking this


I read an ergo-log post about Zinc being a testosterone booster in mega-doses, but I have never read anything indicating any effect on gyno.


Either zinc or magnesium has some anti-aromatase properties, I would NOT rely on it to prevent gyno if I were to use steroids. Then again, using some thing like zinc, broccoli, and all the other natural foods, herbs and supplements to help prevent gyno whilst on moderate doses of steroids would be an interesting case study.


Zinc might be acceptible as a form of estrogen moedration in non-hormon-using populations as an adjunct to other dietary measures (ground flax seeds, etc), but it should NOT be relied upon by steroid users or TRT patients IMO.



Based on a personal experience, I have always held fat around my nipple area since I started lifting in high school and went through puberty (no serious gyno though). I have noticed a decrease in fat tissue in my lower chest since I started incorporating ZMA a while back; however, I also cleaned up my diet and overall lifestyle lol.


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Does absolutely nothing noticable for me on cycle what so ever to reduce estrogen. And even 5mg of nolva for me is very noticable and only required 2x per week with 20 mg masteron/day to keep gyno, estrogen and water retention away @ 2gram of aromatizables.

ZMA tried and completely useless on cycle.


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Mr. S. Machine,
Never tried masteron before but was looking at it. How effective is it as controlling aromatization? Would a cycle of 400-500mg Test/wk with 400mg Masteron require ADEX? At least in your experience?


Too many variables hard to say.

Diet, alcohol use, injetion frequency, supplements, genetics. Especially finding legit mast too.

For myself, 140mg mast/week and doing everything possible to keep estrogen lower naturally inculding Zero alcohol, very clean eating, i do ed injects with sust, i need no nolva or adex on cycle of 500mg test.

This is myself only I have no experience past myself...im not recommending this to anyone on that basis.


Masteron is not an AI.



Have you been taking the ZMA before bedtime as suggested? I remember at some point hearing someone recommend to take it in the morning as zinc is more efficiently absorbed during morning hours.


ground flax seed modulates estrogen? I thought it just altered estrogen metabolite exretion.

I think hooker is to blame for this thought because according to Anthony Roberts it is, though I couldn't find anything veryfing it


BBB, I have been reading for along time before I even made an account, so I would trust your information before many other peoples (from experience in its accuracy). But this is from steroid.com:
"Clearly it won´t aromatize at all nor will it have progesteronic sides, remember, Nolvadex (and most ancillaries) are used to reduce estrogen for breast cancer patients, so a drug used to treat breast cancer obviously wouldn´t convert to estrogen...and in fact Masteron may interact with the aromatase enzymes to inhibit aromatization of other steroids into estrogen, and may additionally interact with estrogen (as a "blocker" of sorts) at the receptor site. "

The key line is this: "in fact Masteron may interact with the aromatase enzymes to inhibit aromatization of other steroids into estrogen"

It does say may and doesn't offer any reasoning. Why would you say it isn't an AI? Any idea on why they would?


From what I have read and understand from several articles and of a couple on Meso, masteron can (can being the operative word I think not definitive) compete with the aromatase enzyme as well reducing the conversion of Testosterone into estrogen...Amongst other things it does as an AAS.

Basically as said above but of course the are no tests or proof that I can find (except how it reacts with me and aromatizables in my body) except some tests which shows how nolvadex and masteron work togerther to reduce certain varying types of etrogen related breast cancer.

I also suspect there May be a heavy shift to conversion to DHT as a byproduct of this reduction of estrogen conversioin but cant be sure. Just a theory.


Nolvadex doesnt reduce estrogen, it stops it from being active by binding at certain recepter sites not allowing the estrogen to bind and exert its effects. SERM


As for masteron being a blocker at sites...I havent read that and I might be wrong but the logic of MAST+NOLVA for breast cancer would suggest to me the nolva is used in this instance to block @ the site plus maybe different type of estrogen cancelling effects.

I have read masteron MAY lower progesterone side effects as well though, but then again progesterone cant worsen gyno without estrogen soo...maybe this is a by product of masteron lowering estrogen in the first place?

If anyone has any definitive facts on these matters I would be very curious to know...


x2. Zinc generally has some anti-aromatase properties and other health benefits. But if you are looking to normalize after/on cycle, you need something pharmaceutical.