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Zinc Supplementation Causing Increased Social Anxiety and Other Symptoms


I hope you’re well.

I’ve been supplementing Zinc Picolinate 25 mg for the past 2 months and have noticed some strange mental and physical symptoms. Initially, when I began supplementing, I felt an incredible surge in energy, libido and assertiveness. However, as I crossed 1 month or more of daily intake of Zinc Picolinate 25 mg, I noticed some odd physical and mental reactions. I’ll make a breakdown of these symptoms by categorising them in “physical” and “mental” categories.

Physical symptoms (after prolonged supplementation of Zinc)

. Index finger and the muscle below it was twitching frequently on a daily basis.
. Increased aggression and bouts of manic feelings.
. My “flight or fight” mode activates when there’s a loud sound or when my mobile phone lights up (i.e. notifications, incoming calls etcetera). Feelings of anxiety, increased heart rate and a pain feeling around the sternum occured during these situations. This never happened before supplementation.

Mental symptoms (after prolonged supplementation of Zinc)

. Unusual social anxiety symptoms. When talking to someone, I would have random blanks during conversation and felt increased nervousness. Again, this never occured before supplementation.

I have now stopped taking the supplement for 2 weeks and I do feel better. The index finger and muscle twitching has significantly reduced or is almost non existant. I do feel some lingering social anxiety symptoms which I hope will fade away within time.

Did anyone get increased social anxiety symptoms after prolonged supplementation of Zinc?

Did anyone feel their “flight or fight” mode was activated excessively?

I’ve learnt from this experience and will never take large doses of Zinc daily. Per chance my estradiol got lowered too much, per chance my cortisol got lowered too much, per chance my copper or magnesium levels were affected, per chance my GABA levels were negatively affected (Zinc can be a GABA antagonist). Who knows?

I will assess how I feel moving forward and hopefully will return to baseline soon. If symptoms are cured, then I will stick to supplementing Zinc 25 mg twice a week and see how I feel from there onwards.

Do let me know your experiences with Zinc supplementation over a prolonged period of time.

Thank you.

I’ve experienced none of these issues supplementing with Zinc.


Yeah, me neither. Zinc & magnesium before bed has been a staple of mine for like 20 years.

I would throw that bottle away it could be contaminated with something. I use PURE 15 brand and only notice improvements in the bedroom. No negative sides.